I have always been interested in photography, a hobby I’ve inherited from my father. Before I was blessed with my children, I bought a camera and started shooting my nephews at their sporting events. Once my children were born, I always had my camera in hand. It was then I realized I could share my talent with other families.


♥ The half smile my husband gives me from across the room.

♥ Getting smothered with kisses from my kiddos.

♥ Eating a home-cooked meal at my parents house.

♥ Starbucks coffee.

♥ White wine, only.

♥ Wearing brand new clothes.

♥ The sun on my face while I am on vacation.

♥ Getting tucked in at bedtime.

♥ A clean house.

♥ Always thinking the glass is half full.

♥ My camera.

♥ Taking photos of my babies.

♥ That they smile immediately when they see the camera.

♥ Capturing life and love with a camera.

I love...